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AD Authentication in Linux

Recently I was working on a project to add linux machines ( Clients ) to a Windows Active Directory Server. When I started, I saw many blog post for that, some of them were not working & some were working to some extent. I tried a combination of them & succeeded in connecting a Linux client to Windows Domain ( AD ). Following are the steps I followed which got the Linux Client into Windows domain:- Before we start, we needed some basic info about the environment:- Required # Active Directory Server with the users & groups already setup # KDC server name (FQDN) # Credentials of a User(administrator) who can join a client machine to AD IMPORTANT: Make sure the AD & your linux client have time sync. Means any noticeable time difference may cause login delays STEPS FOR CONFIGURING LINUX CLIENT TO JOIN ACTIVE DIRECTORY (AD): 1 Install Linux Machine fresh install of Centos 6.