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Using Vagrant to create virtual machines with Virtual Box

I'm a Linux System Admin & I play with lots of virtual machines to try & test various software & services. I use Virtual Box for creating virtual machine. Everything works fine except the part of installing same virtual machine again & again which takes a lot of time installing & configuring it. Recently I came across a tool called Vagrant which can automate that process or at least can make it easy for us to make a base image & then create virtual machines from that image without any worry. Now the real work:- Make sure you've Virtual Box installed on your machine, if not already done, download from  & install it. Its available for almost all popular platforms. Download Vagrant from  & install it. Binary packages available for MAC, Windows, debian & RPM based systems. I used Centos 6 heavily so I installed Centos 6. Location specific mirrors for Cent

SD MMC MS-Pro card reader not working on DELL INSPIRON 15R 5520

Not sure how many of you've come across this, but for me this was unusual. Usually Ubuntu has great compatibility built out of the box. All the wifi,graphics etc are picked on boot. But when I inserted my SD card on its slot, it was not recognized & I'm running Ubuntu 12.04 LTS with 3.9.2 kernel. But it was simple google search & I found a simple solution for this problem:- Create the file "sdhci-pci.conf" that contains one single line "options sdhci debug_quirks=0x40" in a directory "/etc/modprobe.d" root@infra:/etc/modprobe.d# cat ./sdhci-pci.conf options sdhci debug_quirks=0x40 and then reload the modules: root@infra:/etc/modprobe.d# rmmod sdhci-pci root@infra:/etc/modprobe.d# rmmod sdhci root@infra:/etc/modprobe.d# modprobe sdhci-pci (or reboot) and plug-in the SD card now, it works... I'm Happy again... Hope it helps you too..