Virtual Box and Alt/Tab Keys

I use virtual box for all my testing activities. It comes too often that I have a virtual box VM window open & I want to switch to my host machine to see some stuff like tutorials etc.. If you press the alt+tab combination it just works inside the VM & doesn't switches to host machine. In these scenarios you can press the host key once ( not hold it ) & then whatever you press goes to host machine. So in general where host key is the default Right Ctrl, just press Right Ctrl once & now press the alt+tab & it will switch you out to host machine. This is really helpful when you have the VM windows open or you're working on seamless mode.

Hope it help others too.


thanks, was helpful, but in my Ubuntu it opens "type command" window after I return to the the Ubuntu guest window..

I have to hold down the right control key. It's slightly annoying that I have to use two hands for it. It would be useful if you edit this post and include a little tutorial on how to change that button (possibly with a good suggestion for a button to use which doesn't override other functions?)

Another possible way to easily get the VM out of your screen is to minimize it by holding down the Host-key + M. The default right-Ctrl + M is easy to access.

before posting I thought, let's find out if I can find a quick solution myself.

To change the Host key, go to: Oracle VM VirtualBox Manager > File > preferences... > Input > Virtual Machine
There the first shortcut you can change should be the Host Key Combination.

After I thought a bit about conflicts I decided to go for CTRL + ALT.
To Alt-Tab I now press Ctrl-Alt, and press and hold Alt-Tab afterwards.

nice, Thanks for sharing, I am using Alt and then Alt+Tab