Shell Script: Find Number Of Arguments Passed

Many times , when we create shell scripts we try to do repetitive tasks through functions. Some functions take arguments & we have to check the no. of arguments that are passed to it.

Each bash shell function has the following set of shell variables:

[a] All function parameters or arguments can be accessed via $1, $2, $3,..., $N.
[b] $* or $@ holds all parameters or arguments passed to the function.
[c] $# holds the number of positional parameters passed to the function.
[d] An array variable called FUNCNAME ontains the names of all shell functions currently in the execution call stack.


Create a shell script as follows:
# Purpose: Demo bash function
# -----------------------------
 ## Define a function called test()
  echo "Function name:  ${FUNCNAME}"
  echo "The number of positional parameter : $#"
  echo "All parameters or arguments passed to the function: '$@'"

## Call or invoke the function ##
## Pass the parameters or arguments  ##
test linuxtechtips
test 1 2 3 4 5
test "this" "is" "a" "test"

Run it as follows:
$ chmod +x
$ ./